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Staff List

Position Name Email Phone Website
Principal & COVID Site Supervisor Fullerton, Ronnee 253-571-3247  
  Eldridge, Veronica 253-571-3221 Website 
Office Coordinator Nordhaug, Christina 253-571-3203  
  Tichy, Glory 253-571-3205  
  Chapman, Brian 253-571-3232 Website 
  Cook, Bruce 253-571-3230 Website 
  Edwards, Erika 253-571-3214  
  Elseth, Colleen 253-571-3238 Website 
  Gorospe, Erin egorosp@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US 253-571-3222  
  Gustafson, Annette 253-571-3222  
  Haakons, Laurie 253-571-3209  
  Hauser, Gloria 253-571-3235 Website 
  Hines, Liz 253-571-3217  
  Kurtz, Rebekah 253-571-3261 Website 
  Lamkin, Tia'Wanda 253-571-3223 Website 
  Lemus, Oniel olemus@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US 253-571-3215  
  Medlock, Bonnie 253-571-3212  
  Monahan, Spencer    
  Morozov, Anatoliy 253-571-3213  
  Munch, Bethany 253-571-3236 Website 
  Nalty, Kathryn 243-571-3233  
  Newton, Eileen 253-571-3216 Website 
  O'Neall,Kara 253-571-3229 Website 
  Pandey, Nupur 253-571-3246  
  Quiocho, Jana jquioch@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US 253-571-3226  
  Romero, Ana 253-571-3245 Website 
  Ronhovde, Tonya 253-571-3224 Website 
  Slaughter, Julie 253-571-3251 Website 
  Sterling, Nicole 253-571-3221 Website 
  Tarver, Kimberly 253-571-3228 Website 
  Togstad, Laury 253-571-3226 Website 
  Tyson, Elizabeth 253-571-3242  
  Witkoe, Grace 253-571-3231 Website